Now based in Washington DC! Visiting NYC Jan 25-27. Visiting Columbus, OH early Feb TBD.

Bianca Carlisle
companion // lover // muse // guide

welcome to my inner circle

About you: Your time is limited, as is mine, so I’ll be brief. You’re a success, you’ve spent years climbing to the top of your world, and it’s finally time to have your cake and eat it, too. Now what?

Who do you share that with? Your desires, the ones you tamped down while you built your empire. Dating is time-intensive and involves too much risk for too little reward. One night stands are a gamble; anyone can use Tinder, and you prefer quality over quantity. How do you find someone worth your time, an interesting conversationalist with life experience, without judgment for whatever you might want to explore? Well, you did it. You found me.

About me: I’m not here for everyone. I have a successful career as a writer and a knack for figuring out exactly what makes people tick. I’m here for my inner circle: An elite selection of gentlemen and couples who want someone to open up to, to be honest with, to share experiences and travel and meals and sensations and gasping breaths until we forget that this demimonde is how we met and we become something more: a mutually beneficial partnership that only we understand.

If this sounds intense or cheesy or off the mark, then I’m probably not the companion for you. But if this resonates with you, to find an arrangement that can become more than a passing dalliance, to build a special relationship that transcends time together to become a genuine connection, then you’ve stumbled onto the right place. For more about me, keep scrolling, and don’t forget to check out my blog where I recount my hobbies, favorite dining and drinks, and more.


art // collection // display


discovery // impression // change

Bring Me to You

Philadelphia, NYC, & Boston
4 hour minimum
$3,000 (includes travel & hotel)

Columbus, Ohio
6 hour minimum
$3,500 (includes travel & incall)

West Coast & South
12 hour minimum
$4,000 plus travel & hotel

16 hour minimum
$5,000 plus travel & hotel

24 hour minimum
$7,000 plus travel & hotel

For longer dates, travel incentives, or arrangements, please book a listed date to become acquainted first. xo

Brief Encounters

Quick Hello
1 hour. A moment to catch up when we’re otherwise too busy to meet for longer; we’ve all been there. $700

A Lingering Embrace
1.5 hour. Go ahead, take the long lunch. Your receptionist can cover for you. $1,000

A Moment in Time
2 hours. Let time stand still while we stay in and get to know one another, mind, body, and soul. *recommended minimum for new friends. $1,200

A Taste of More
3 hours. Let’s share a bottle of wine and charcuterie for two (or three) and lose ourselves in each other. $1,700

***DC Incall, add +$150
Couples add +$100 per hour
1 hour In-date extension: $500

Lasting Experiences

Dinner or a Show?
~4 hours. But who’s counting? Let’s head to Zaytinya or visit the Botanical Gardens before making the real memories. $2,000

Dinner and a Show!
~6 hours. Start at The Dabney, then off to see your favorite comedian at the Lincoln Theatre and some time afterward to… debrief. $3,000

Day Trip
~12 hours. Let’s take a trip to Rehoboth Beach, or to Loudon County to take a leisurely winery tour. The possibilities are endless. $4,000

~16 hours. From dinner to brunch, the world is ours. $5,000

relationship // touch // connection

Request a Date

As with most people of our caliber, I have an assistant (she’s amazing, discreet, and NDA bound) to help me maximize my time with my inner circle and on independent pursuits. To set a date, fill out the form below with all required information, and my assistant Emily will follow up with you.

Note: not all fields are required. If you don’t have references or P411, etc., you can leave those fields blank.

Once your screening is confirmed and a date is set, Emily will refer you to me and we’ll go from there. If you’d prefer not to use the form, click here to send an e-mail with the subject and screening form autopopulated.

Screening Deposit

I do require a screening deposit of $25 upon submission of your information payable via:

  • CashApp
  • Venmo (@Bianca-Carlisle)
  • ApplePay (send to hello@biancacarlisle.com)
  • Amazon Gift Card (send to booking@biancacarlisle.com)
  • Apple Gift Card (send to booking@biancacarlisle.com)
  • Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, DAI) SpankPay.me

Deposits are also payable via picture of a physical gift card or cash in mail for those concerned with a digital footprint. Please work with my assistant Emily to line that up.

The Fine Print

Envelope: My rate is due upon arrival. Place it on the table in plain view and then excuse yourself to the restroom for a moment to freshen up. Please don’t make me ask for it; it’s more fun for both of us when we can ignore the transactional aspects of our date. I keep envelopes in my incall in case you forget, but if you want to make a better impression, slipping my rate in the front cover of a book or other gift bag is always a treat.
Deposit: I require 50% deposit plus travel for all touring dates and Fly Me To You dates. Other dates may require deposits at my discretion depending on length and ease of screening.
Extensions: Extensions are never guaranteed, but if I can accommodate them, please be sure to bring cash to cover it or be able to send the rest via ApplePay.
Activity: I’m happy to stay in with a simple charcuterie board and your provided bottle of wine for a 3 hour date, but all dates 4 hours and longer must have some social dining; hors d’oeuvres and a glass of chardonnay before a show at The Lincoln counts.
Cancellations: Cancellations more than 48 hours before our date will have a 25% cancellation fee applicable to a date rescheduled within 3 months. Dates cancelled within 48 hours will have a 50% fee to compensate for my time.
Golden Rule: It goes without saying that I will be freshly showered and groomed to be at my peak for our date. If you are not upon arrival, please feel free to take a shower with provided toiletries. Please do not be under the influence and remain alert and considerate throughout our date. In summation: be the date you expect me to be.

References: References are not required but appreciated. They should be from within the last 6 months.

Bianca Carlisle

Color: Dark Teal
Book: Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere
Movie: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
Scotch Whisky: Glenmorangie Signet
Cocktail: Aviation
Flowers: Pink Roses
Fragrance: Jo Malone “Peony and Blush Suede”
Favorite word: Petrichor (n.): a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Writing, Reading
Playing music: piano, clarinet, alto sax
Scuba diving
Working on my pilot’s license
Interior decorating
Track racing my Mini Cooper S

Quick Facts:
Blonde hair, hazel eyes
Dress Size 4
Shoe Size 8/38 EU

English (native)
Spanish (intermediate)
French (beginner learning)

Fun Facts:
I lived in the Scottish Outer Hebrides for 2 months. // I once snorkeled in 55° degree water for an hour with a broken drysuit valve. // I broke my collar bone the same time I broke my arm and nobody caught it until taking off the cast.


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January 5-24: Washington DC
January 25-27: NYC
January 28-Feb: Washington DC
Early FEB TBD: Columbus, OH